Digital tag is an online tag that shows real time price and information. Digital Tag Solution is a solution designed to replace the paper price tags for televisions on the shelves of electronic shops.

Instead, the digital tag will enable showcasing of price and specification tag on the television screen.

The digital tag will be displayed over the content being displayed on the television. However, it will not touch such content due to its transparent feature.

The digital tag system has HDMI in feature. This enables the television to showcase any kind of content such as live TV, video, etc. from any source and the tag will be displayed on the top of the content. Prices and specifications will be updated in real time from the server at the headquarters.

Real time information

The primary benefit of digital tag is for chain electronic stores. They can reflect updated price and information  constantly. Digital Tag Solution also enables Real time update of special prices, currency rate changes etc. For example; an electronic store having numerous televisions sets  for sale, can use a digital tag to display the price and information of every television on sale in the store and reflect the updates price and information on the screen of the television.

More views

Another major advantage is that digital tags  capture an average of 400  percent more views that a static sign, thus increasing the marketing efforts manifold.

More content

Digital tags  also  help in displaying much more content than  that allowed by a paper tag

Cost reduction

Reduction in printing cost for paper tags, reduction in manpower cost for updating prices and information on paper tags etc.

Centralized control of information

This solution allows for centralized control of prices and information like pricing, specifications and promotions from one unified system.

Wastage Reduction

It allows for reduction of paper usage for updating prices on paper tags and reduction of manpower and time for updating price and information  on paper tags.

Elimination of human error

It also eliminates human error while updating information in individual price tags, by different people.

Quick payback

The value of the system will pay it self back in 6 months  only from saving  ink, paper and manpower.


The Overlay Digital Signage Solution offered by the company is the only available system in the worldcapable of overlay banners. A few of the features of the solution are as below:

  • Transparency overlay
  • Live content on the head en

The signage players has the following features:

  • HD option
  • HDMI Input feature
  • Overlays banner content


The digital tag solution is provided by connecting the server and the client, which is then operated by the administrator to control the prices and  other data online.

The store  manager has an app that he could use on iOS, Android or Windows, to fine tune or manually set the data if needed.

Server is a system located in the headquarters. This system/service is connected to the ERP. This system contains the price database and it feeds the network. The client devices located in various retail stores receive updated information from this server through  a Content Management System (CMS). 

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