Meet the Operating System for Business

Our sophisticated approach to business software gives you one integrated and customizable system to work smarter and grow faster.

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App Layer

Integrated applications help you define and improve processes across your organization. Defining processes within each team and enabling smoother hand-offs between departments makes it easier for employees to please your customers. Zoho One gives you a broad suite of integrated applications to meet your business’ needs.

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Services Layer

A broad suite of integrated applications allows us to do more work for you. This extra work takes the form of Zoho One Services. Zoho One Services work across the system, giving you out-of-the-box AI, business intelligence, unified communication tools, and simplified software administration. In other words, we’re making enterprise-grade technology available to everyone.
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Platform Layer

Apps and Services depend on a reliable Platform that can shapeshift to the needs of your business. After all, businesses create differentiation through unique processes. Zoho One includes a range of no code, low code, and professional developer tools to customize, extend, and integrate the operating system so you can reach your goals.